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Welcome to Highland Pet Care, a company offering you a convenient and affordable range of in-home pet care services. These services include - DOG WALKING, PET/HOUSE SITTING & DAILY VISITS FOR SMALL ANIMALS.

The business is run by Eilidh MacIntosh, a fanatical animal lover who has owned and looked after animals most of her life varying from Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hens and various others

She has a very professional approach to the business and all the dog walkers, pet/house sitters and animal carers have been carefully interviewed & chosen for their honesty, integrity & love of animals. They have also been checked by the criminal records bureau in the form of a full disclosure & are fully insured and registered through NARPS (National Association of Registered Pet Sitters)

She very much respects the fact that when staying in peoples homes, they are kept clean and tidy and makes a point of ensuring that the other sitters do the same. (she is also a self-confessed cleanaholic!)

The idea has taken off due to the fact that not everyone likes to use Kennels/catteries for various reasons and instead prefer to leave their pet in their own surroundings, with the same routine and most of all it means less stress for your pet. It also means that your house is not left unattended for any period of time while you are away.

So please feel free to have a look around our site and get in touch to see how we can be of service to you.

Thank you.

Our Services

No Charge for set-up although minimum fuel allowance will apply.

Following your initial enquiry we will come and meet you and your pets to discuss your requirements. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to meet the Carer who will be looking after your animals, making sure everyone is satisfied with the arrangements.

All our Dog walkers, House sitters and Pet sitters have been carefully interviewed and chosen for their honesty, integrity and love of animals. They have also been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau and are fully insured and registered with NARPS, (National Association of Registered Pet sitters).

Click here for Insurance details.

Dog Walking

Our dog walkers can exercise your dog(s) on a daily or weekly basis. You can also call us at short notice if an unexpected circumstance should arise.

We do not walk bitches on heat.

See our pricelist for the Dog Walking Service.

House Sitting

We can offer a reliable House Sitting service when you go away on holiday or on a business trip, giving you peace of mind that your house is secure and in safe hands.

This service can also be used at short notice for an emergency hospital stay or if you have to attend a funeral out with the county.

Light household duties can be carried out it required and this can include watering of plants indoors and outside. Telephone messages and expected deliveries can also be attended to.

The sitter will be allowed to be absent from your property for up to three hours during daylight hours, but will not leave the house in hours of darkness, unless in an extreme emergency.

Our Sitter will visit you before you leave, so that both parties feel happy with the arrangement.

See our price list for our House Sitting Service.

Pet Sitting

There are a number of pet owners who are reluctant to go away if it means putting their animals in a Boarding Kennel or Cattery for whatever personal reason. We can provide a Pet Sitter to come and live in your home during your absence and care for your pet(s) in their own home environment. We can take care of dogs, cats, horses, birds, small mammals, farmyard animals, and anything else that is a pet. The client will provide sufficient food for all animals.

The Pet Sitter will provide their own food and will only be permitted absence from your house and pets for a maximum of 3 hours during daylight hours, They will not leave the property in hours of darkness unless in an extreme emergency. The Pet sitter can carry out light house hold duties if required which can include watering of indoor and outdoor plants. They will also exercise your animals accordingly.

Our Sitter will visit you before you leave so that both parties are happy with the arrangement.

This service can also be used in an emergency if you are suddenly taken ill and to hospital and worry that you have animals that need looking after. Our contact number is held by the A&E Department at Wick Hospital and also Thurso Hospital.

D.F. from Wick

"I am delighted to put a few words of praise on the web site of Pet Carers. I have struggled with dog sitting as I live alone and have many dogs ( and cats ) and don't like putting my dogs in kennels. When I heard of this service I was pleasantly delighted to discover the carers are animal and people friendly, they are very reliable and the cost is something we can afford.

The service is professional and efficient; from getting letters to and from your local vet to the chips numbers on the dogs. When my carer was at home ' chez moi ' I felt completely confident that my animals were well cared for and loved. I am particularly delighted in the carer I have been allocated, even my most anxious and troubled dog took to her immediately.

When I have left my dogs with this service they have enjoyed being so well cared for. Perhaps they don't want me to come home!"

D.W. from Reay

"We were very happy with the service that the Highland Pet Care provided it was lovely to have piece of mind in knowing that all the animals would be well cared for. We would not hesitate to use this service in the future."

L.L. from Mid-Clyth

"The care given to my dog `Chuckles`, from Anne, was next to none. In fact she sulked for 2-3 days afterwards because she missed the company and the one-to-one care."

Mrs H. from Thurso

The Carer from Highland Pet Care looked after two cats that had health problems. They had to be given medication and she handled it very well because it wasn`t an easy task. I was very happy with the care given and it was a successful assignment."

See our price list for Pet Sitting Service.

Daily Visits

Our animal carers can visit your house twice a day to attend to small animals, and also your cats.

See our price list for Daily Visits.

Our Prices

Service Price
House Sitting with one dog £38.00 per 24 hours (Each additional dog: £4.00)
House Sitting with one cat £34.00 per 24 hours (Each additional cat: £3.00)
Small Croft Sit Starting from £60.00 per 24 hours (Each dog £4.00 and each cat £3.00)
Daily Dog Sit for one dog £30.00 for up to 4 hours thereafter £7.00 per hour, to include all animals
Dog Walking, per hour including some fun time 1 dog £9.50, 2 dogs £12.00, 3 dogs £15.00
Daily Visit for small mammals including cats From £10.00 per visit
House Sitting with 1 Horse £50.00 (Each additional horse £10.00, each dog £4.00, each cat £3.00
Daily Visits for Horses: 1 Horse, no handling: £20.00 (Each additional horse £10.00)
 1 Horse including mucking out: £40.00 (Each additional horse £10.00)

Fuel Charges

The client will pay the sitter a fuel allowance of 45p per mile.

Holiday Surcharges

Services scheduled on the following days will incur double charges. Fuel charge normal rate.

  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • Bank Holidays
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

Contact Info

Eilidh MacIntosh
Highland Pet Care
Bower View,
By Thurso,
Caithness KW14 7YJ

Telephone: 01641 531776
Mobile: 07876551854

Occasional pet sitters and dog walkers required

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